About me

Hello, I am Vanessa! Back in the days, I used to be a blend of tech-savvy professional turned health and fitness coach. Soon after I started my own business (not as an independent contractor, but as a solopreneur) and my friends started asking me to consult in business. I did, and I mostly fell in love with teaching about a person's manifestation powers when doing business which is when I found out I am a natural healer and ascended master for the times we are living. I am able to broaden my practice into lifestyle and relationships, not just business and income! In short, I perfected my consulting while learning healing at a very fast pace.

My journey from the logical realms of Computer Science to the intuitive world of wellness and health is a testament to courage. It all happened during and after living in a pandemic and becoming a mother for the second time, I experienced moments of excitement when uncovering the healing power in me and seeing it unfold in a strong following of people that love connecting with my practice and my creations. But know that this is the very short version of what I lived on a regular basis.

I continue finding joy in blending a little of science with my tendencies to see life as a myriad to all possibilities, unexplained and unexploited. This combination has not only shaped my approach to healing, but also to inviting others to recognize in them their own duality and the gifting in such duality. My sessions are a journey to discovery, prosperity, abundance and bliss. I mix the soft with the hard, the explained with the unexplained, and I end it all with finding more clarity.

My journey to helping you

My inner calling, or better, my soul's intentions led me to explore the realms of holistic healing for traumas, wounds and imbalances in me and for me before anyone else. My quest to perfect my practice for others surged while I was navigating my own troubles and the results are that I am here running a business!

My past experiences, including running other smaller ventures, taught me two fundamentals: faith is that one target we can focus on when we almost lose ourselves completely and perseverance comes next as a target because it's built in defensive mechanisms we all inherit from ancestors. Know that at some point, faith and perseverance helped me realize I had a chance to turn things around for me first before I could change my world.

It is in my sessions that I pour much of what I learnt when surviving from the situations I lived most recently and up-to-date. I have a firm attitude and understanding about how my sessions help others and I know how to guide and how to direct when there is a little bit of confusion in terms of past and present emotions.

Allow me to help you in uncovering what can take you to the next level.

Allow me to show you that you can manifest faster, more consciously and more in control of many of the feelings that could cause barriers.

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