I help you 
decluttering your mind and heal your heart.

I'm Vanessa, a highly-rated Reiki and Fusion Quantum Programming Expert, certified in Psychotherapy.

Life gets in the way, that's why you no longer manifest what you want!

In other words, stress causes emotions to spiral and you feel anxiety, depression and loneliness. Other feelings might also come up with all that is going on in life depending on time and space. These feelings affect your beliefs and thoughts, and ultimately change your dreams. It all affects your lifestyle, relationships, environment and income! I help with all this and a little more.

My approach

My approach to feeling better and having good health and wellness is a fusion of  Quantum Reiki, ancestry and holistic medicine and a few other therapies, designed to address both the energetic and conscious aspects of mind, body and spirit healing. I focus on cases of anxiety, depression, complexities in relationships, mood swings and other many areas related to parental guidance

In the dance of light and shadow, healing finds its rhythm. It's in embracing both that we truly find our balance.

My services

My mission to serve with my services is to empower people with more manifesting knowledge, allowing people to experience immediate results. While my work decompresses and declutters much of the emotional journey people go through, I ultimately strive to serve as a consultant to quantum energies and how those play a part in our every day lives. I have used ancient medicine in clients and I have served in underprivileged communities with vibrational and indigenous healing. I currently volunteer from time to time and am asked to speak in large stages about wellness, the mind and the soul.

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